In adventure movies the choice of location is paramount and can make or break a movie. Locations that are difficult to access can be time consuming and expensive to operate, yet there are times when the effort put into a pivotal location will make a significant contribution to the production value of your project.

With our considerable experience with locations in all corners of the globe we can provide efficient information on location options and save on extensive location scouting costs that would be incurred by those who are new to the genre.

As often as not, we can match scenes that can be shot in user-friendly locations as opposed to working in the often difficult circumstances that are found in the more remote areas or third world countries.

Logistics & Permits

Should you want to shoot scenes at the South Pole in Antarctica, South Col on Everest, or the forests in Tiera del Fuego, we can prepare and manage logistics to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective operational strategies for your project.

Film permits to operate in remote locations often require a thorough understanding of local regulations and an ability to negotiate with the regulatory stake holders and local inhabitants of a region. A successful outcome invariably relies on relationships that have been forged over time and a thorough understanding of the pitfalls that can cripple a project are crucial when finalising access.

Specialist advisers

Any movie with an alpine or remote area component will require specialist knowledge to steer a production to safe and efficient operating practices. We can deliver efficient and flexible consultancy to ensure your project is on track to the desired outcome.

In the modern era, we must adhere to strict environmental policies when operating in any remote area. We have established practices in place.

Our many years of operating in the extreme environments of the planet enable us to offer specialist advice for specific events. Whether you need an Everest specialist, a polar specialist or ocean going adventure specialist, we can source legitimate expertise through our extended network.

If you are running an alpine production, we can advise to all the departments in a production and our experience is a vital component of pre-production for accurate advice. Time we spend with art department, script, wardrobe, props, and actors will pay dividends by reducing unnecessary time being lost in the research phase.


The company takes pride in working economically in the most challenging of alpine environments to produce Features Films, Television Commercials, Dramas or Television Programs.

Our work culture relies on a dynamic and adaptable team with proven experience in balancing risk with the demands of getting the shot.

Our company principals are active mountain guides with a combined love of the outdoors and a passion for production. This means we have first hand understanding of the intimacies and challenges of your production from your very first communication through to the actualisation of your shoot.

We can provide full end to end production service or any parts thereof. Our budgeting and accounting is fully transparent and we are fluent with IT and post production workflows.

Adventure Movies maintains offices in Queenstown, Wanaka and Auckland and have proven success delivering on time and on budget.


If your production requires camera equipment sourced locally then we can access a wide range of the latest HD camera equipment within NZ. Arri Alexa and Red cameras are the most popular and there are extensive lens options to chose from both spherical and anamorphic.

Additionally we can advise on specialist equipment available and suitable for working in difficult and remote environments including helicopter mounts, stabilised heads, drones and cranes. Due to the nature of working in remote locations weight is often a factor and we can work with you to source the most appropriate equipment to obtain the maximum production values.

Mountain Safety

The safety of a crew in the mountain environment is paramount. The alpine world can be harsh and unforgiving, especially when we consider that film crews often consist of people who are unfamiliar with the mountains and therefore more prone to incident. We have considerable experience operating mountain safety services for film projects in the mountains. This regularly involves the use of helicopters for access/egress, rigging for safety and stunts, and the general well-being of the crew to enable work to proceed with minimal delay. There is no need to reinvent the wheel with every new mountain production, utilise our experience and skills to expedite your project in the most time-efficient and cost efficient manner possible.

Operational and Safety Plan

The initial process of a project is the development of a Safety and Operations plan that determines the Standard Operating Procedures for the production that creates a structure by which to operate all aspects of the project. Vital components of the decision making process, safety guidelines and emergency response plans are created specific to the project and signed off between all departments in the production to ensure a smooth running and safe event. The systems and documentation meets Health and Safety requirements as required by the studio for security and safety.


Rigging in the mountain environment has very different requirements to the studio and therefore we utilise qualified mountain guides who are trained for film rigging. Set riggers will regularly work alongside an alpine lead rigger.

Helicopter/aircraft leasing and logistics

The Adventure Movies team have many decades of helicopter logistics experience in many countries around the world. Whether it is for transporting people to mountain locations, operating a camera mount, or long-lining loads of equipment into tight mountain or remote locations, we have access to capable and efficient production pilots and helicopters appropriate to the required task.

Similarly for fixed wing aircraft for access to remote regions, we regularly work with cargo planes into remote strips and even the interior of Antarctica.

Script Analysis

Working in the mountains is never easy and we pride ourselves in being proactive and resourceful so as to maximise your production values alongside the vision of the script.

The weather gods always have the last say and with this in mind we can read through your scripts and shot lists and provide early high level advice regarding timelines and options for realistic schedule and budgeting considerations.

Upon receiving your script we will quickly understand what needs to be shot on location, what shots can be done as weather cover or obtained in easy to access “cheat” locations.

At a more detailed level we can work with you on a shot by shot basis to come up with the most efficient plan to realistically deliver your script.

Wardrobe and props support

We can assist with efficient sourcing of wardrobe and props for alpine production specific to the era and region.

Talent and Doubles

The best way for action to look authentic is to have doubles for action or stunts that are in their natural environment. We have a wide network of specialists in the mountain and adventure related genre so we can recruit according to your needs whether you require talent to front your next adventure doco or doubles to basejump off a cliff, dive to the ocean floor, or climb the highest mountain.

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