Guy Cotter

Guy Cotter has achieved as long a string of notable mountaineering ascents as almost anyone alive. Not only has climbed Mt Everest four times and five other peaks over 8000 metres, he has also climbed the Seven Summits, the highest peak on every continent. At seventeen years old Guy had already climbed New Zealand highest peak Mt Cook and was completely committed to a life as an alpinist.

His passion for the mountains saw him focus on a career as a mountain guide that saw him achieve the IFMGA mountain guide qualification. In 1992, his passion and skills earned him a position working alongside fellow Kiwis Rob Hall and Gary Ball when they established their Everest guiding company; Adventure Consultants (AC). Guy excelled as a high altitude guide and led the team to the summit that year and on subsequent years.

But it was not to last. Both Ball and Hall succumbed to the perils of altitude and died in separate incidents in the mountains of Nepal. Saddened by the loss of his friends but buoyed by the support of the client base Guy took the reigns of the company and raised it from the ashes to become a successful and internationally recognised expedition operator. From the four expeditions offered annually when he took over the company, Adventure Consultants now has ninety eight distinct products and runs some thirty five international expeditions per year. The company has its base in the small alpine town of Wanaka in New Zealand’s Southern Alps where the Adventure Consultants HQ has a staff of twelve to coordinate and plan the activities of the world-wide operations including an arm of the company base in Chamonix that runs guiding services throughout the Alps.

Guy has been working periodically in the film industry for almost three decades as a locations scout, mountain safety coordinator, alpine advisor or high altitude camera operator. This work dovetails nicely with the other operations of the organisation which has the capacity to operate large scale film or expedition services anywhere on earth and even in the depths of Antarctica.

Guy divides his time between running the company and leading expeditions or film projects and personal mountaineering and adventure activities.

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James Heyward

JH-448x283-e1416285338867-250x140James looks at life from the inside out and enjoys discovering out how stuff works . He builds and nutures relationships with partners, develops, writes and pitches projects, attends markets and enjoys finding the right teams best suited to specific projects. He loves spending time with freinds and family in the mountains and on the ocean.


Andy Salek


Andy first ventured into the mountains at age 3 which sparked a life-long passion of skiing, guiding, and filming in the alpine environment. With over 20 years experience as a heliski guide in the Southern Alps he is a certified guide within the New Zealand Mountain Guides Association and specialises in alpine and aerial cinematography both as a Producer and Aerial DOP.

Alpine filming projects have taken him to remote and enchanting areas of the planet including the summit of world’s 6th highest mountain in Nepal Himalaya to the Antarctic Peninsula.

Having spent spent a significant part of his working life in mountainous environments, helicopters, and filming from above, Andy has a broad skillset when it comes to organising film shoots both from a budgetry and logistical level through to the creative process.

Andy runs the Queenstown office and when not in the mountains you are likely to find him on his surfboard, mountainbike, parapente, or outstretched on a yoga mat.

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