TV Series

Ashutosh Gowariker Productions, India

Everest has been slated to telecast 110 episodes and is touted as the most ambitious project currently on Indian television.

This is a story of a girl name Anjali a young beautiful woman, who was neglected by her father Brigadier Jagat. Anjali decides to win her father’s love by climbing Mt. Everest so that she can prove to him that women are not inferior and she is worthy of his love and respect.

Ashutosh Productions had completed a significant amount of the location and studio shooting when they contacted Adventure Movies New Zealand. They required background plates to comp with the studio green screen climbing footage. The plates all needed to replicate imagery from high altitude on Mount Everest including the summit. Having already been to the Everest region they knew to obtain these shots on Everest was a hugely expensive and logistically challenging exercise. Additionally there were limited weather windows to obtain these images within the time period required and the Southern Alps of New Zealand was considered as the best solution.

Storyboards, scripts and shot-lists were provided to the Adventure Movies team who were able to interpolate the client wish list and create a plan incorporating a selection of locations which worked as a perfect match for the Everest scenery.

Each plate was shot as a tiled sequence which required 32 high resolution panoramic still images which were then stitched together in post production.

Adventure Movies intimate knowledge of Mount Everest ensured location authenticity and the clients expectations were well exceeded in terms of quality of locations and lighting values not to mention the ease of working out of our Queenstown heli-base and the accuracy of our weather calls.

Script analysis, budgeting, permits, location surveys, safety and helicopter logistics formed the Adventure Movies production service.

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